Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Totara 2 and Totara 3 have been busy studying Space for the last 3 weeks. We have enjoyed learning lots of new facts and sharing them with others. Below are links to our Reports about different planets, have fun reading them.


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  2. Hi Grey Main School this is Mekilini. I'm a year 5 student from Hay Park School in Mt Roskill, Auckland.
    I just want to say I really love the idea that you put all the links to your reports on one slide. if you want to check out my learning on my blog here's a link you need to copy paste it into the google bar.
    Have a nive day down there.
    Ka kite ano

  3. Talofa my name is Raden.I am a year 4 from Hay Park School, Auckland. I'm in Pohatu class. We've been commenting recently on your blog. Keep up the hard effort Totara 3 class.I hope you guys learn more about space Bye Bye! Here is my blog for you guys to check my work.Type it in you box on top.

  4. Kia ora Grey Main School. My name is Daniel and I am a year 6 from Hay Park School in Auckland. I really like you guys putting a link to your planet reports. When I looked on every planet report. I have learnt a bit more about space. I didn't know some of the facts and information on the report. I really like how you guys put in a report about each planets and I also like how you guys add more facts. If you want to see my learning on my blog. Click Here
    Please comment a thoughtful comment on my blog!! =D

  5. Hi my name is Devanti form Hay Park School in Auckland, and I am a 6. The information in your planet reports is very interesting. Thank you for sharing your learning.
    Please take time to look at my learning on my blog

  6. Konichiwa Grey Main School. My name is Nevaeh. I am a year 5 student from Hay Park School, Mt Roskill, Auckland. It is really interesting that you are learning about space. What was the most interesting fact that you learnt? I liked the idea of putting the links onto your writing so we can read them and keep up with the hard work you guys are doing down there.
    Have a good day. Nevaeh.

  7. Hi my name is Amanda and I go Hay Park School
    I really like your slide shows of plants.
    Next time you could record yourself reading what you wrote.
    Here is a link to my blog

  8. Hi my name is Amanda I go to Hay Park School and I am a year 6
    I really like your slide show. Next time you could add music to it like your other videos.


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