Monday, 27 May 2013

Super structures

In Room 18 this term we have been studying super structures

We chose a bridge or famous building and made a model of it along with information, we now have to present it to the class. 

Here are some pics!

Golden Gate Bridge
By Kayla

Leaning Tower of Piza
By Brooke

Sydney Harbour Bridge
By Grace and Charlotte

What's your fav super structure???

Art - Inspired by Killeen

Room 18 have been working on some prize winning art *wink wink* we based our work on artist Killeen. We drew pictures that mean something to us in our lives like pets, family, sport and other hobbies and things. we then chose an animal and drew it on the back cut it out then backed it with black paper. We started in term one but most of us didn’t finish till term two so we thought we would share them about.
Our colourful artwork will be prize winners for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here are some pics hope you like it :P

Brooklyn and Scarlett (Updating on behalf of Miss Power

By Alice

By Brooklyn

By Kieran

By Charlotte

By Scarlett

By Astra

By Edith

By Hannah

By Brooklyn C

By Hamish

Click here for Killeen info!

Who is your favourite artist?

Do they live in NZ or another country?