Friday, 31 March 2017

More Art!

We love our ART in Totara 3. Here are some more examples of art that we have worked on during the term.
Soon we are going to start a piece of art that relates to our topic of ANZAC.

Our Family Fiesta

Tonight at Grey Main we have our Family Fiesta which starts at 5pm and goes through to 7:30pm. There are lots of fun games, stalls and food available. Each of the Hubs at Grey Main are creating something to be judged;
Our Hub Totara had to make cupcakes, check out the incredible and talented bakers that we have in Totara 3.
These yummy cupcakes will be available to place bids on tonight at the Fiesta.

Monday, 27 March 2017


We just started a new topic last week. We are now learning about the ANZAC's.
There are many different learning activities that we need to complete and we are working from a google site, check out the link below.

Later this week some of us are going to be making ANZAC biscuits as part of our topic... Yum!
Below are links to our slides, remember that these are a work in progress as we are not finishing our topic for another couple of weeks.

Friday, 24 March 2017


*This term we decided that we would focus on using pastels and aim to work on blending our pastel colours.
*For our first piece of artwork we used the Nikau Palm as our inspiration and created the amazing artwork you will see. We chose Nikau Palms because we see heaps of them when we travel to Punakaiki which is only 25 minutes
*First we blended our pastel colours for the background and then we painted the silhouette with black paint.

Some information about Nikau Palms

The Nikau palm is the southernmost member of the palm family, a group that is usually tropical or sub-tropical. There are over 1100 palm species around the world, including some of the world’s most useful plants such as the oil palm, banana, coconut, and sago palm. Although a number of palms have been introduced to New Zealand and are planted around our towns and gardens, the Nikau palm is our only native palm species. A Nikau palm usually grows about 10 to 15 metres tall. It is easy to recognise in the bush with its circular trunk, which is ringed with evenly spaced scars from fallen leaves. The fronds are up to three metres in length.
Two of the easiest places to see Nikau palms are Punakaiki in Paparoa National Park and Kohaihai at the start of the Heaphy track, where a mild climate encourages their growth year-round.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Home Learning Wk 6

Wk 6 Home Learning
*3 tasks set on Maths Buddy.
*2 paper tasks sent home with the children.
These activities will be marked Friday morning, please have them completed by then.