Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Ski Trip Evaluation

Please click on this link to fill out a survey about ski trip.
Thank you for your time.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Mrs O has recently had a dilemma about our wonderful school garden.  The strawberries had a bird problem so Mrs O decided that the school would have a scarecrow competition. The class with the best scarecrow wins and the class would win one of Mrs O's famous berry pavlova's!!!!  Here is what our class did...
*We were first sent off in groups to discuss and find out information about scarecrows.
*Once we found out a little about scarecrows we got together as a class and listed the possible designs of our scarecrow, some moving parts and the material we would want.
*Room 18 decided on making a queen scarecrow with two corgi's spinning around her head as moving parts but made out of corrugated iron so it can withstand rain and other weather.
*It also had a very good artistic outcome as well as a celebrity impersonation and design.
We won first place in Team B and won a delicious pav made by Mrs O...

Curious Cove

Room 18 have been lucky enough to have stayed at Curious Cove in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds.  Provided with delicious food and great hospitality we had a brilliant experience and thoroughly enjoyed our time spent there and the activities we did.  Some of these activities included;
*Getting to explore Ships Cove, view the monuments where Captain Cook got fresh water and walk up to the waterfall.
*Fishing off the boat.
*Kayaking round the small inlet and chasing the skates.
*Swimming off the wharf.
*Playing on the small play area
We loved our time at Curious Cove and will cherish the memories forever!!!!