Friday, 16 May 2014

How the Grinch Stole Christmas


  1. Hi room 18
    I liked the end when everybody was happy.
    I also liked the book that you chose.
    I liked the music that you played.
    I think your video was awesome.
    From Joseph and Jack in room 9.

  2. Hi room 18 i love how u did the Grinch on too people and the people speaking sound great! From Shakanna and Kylie room 9

  3. Hi Room 18 we just watched your video book. Billie Jean liked how there were two Grinches. Where did you get all the christmas hats?
    Room 1

  4. Dear Room 18
    I really like your post you video is amazing I love the Christmas tree you guys did a really good job was it difficult to do? did you have to rehears a lot? it is really cool,
    From Sophie R11

  5. Hi Miss Power,
    The video was hilarious and I really enjoyed watching it its really funny.
    I really like that.
    Did you enjoy the the video?
    What was your favourite part about it.
    From Te Ora.

  6. Hi Room 18.
    How was your second day of tech 2015 because i really enjoyed it. The video is really cool. I like how everyone dressed up and acted really well!

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