Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Mrs O has recently had a dilemma about our wonderful school garden.  The strawberries had a bird problem so Mrs O decided that the school would have a scarecrow competition. The class with the best scarecrow wins and the class would win one of Mrs O's famous berry pavlova's!!!!  Here is what our class did...
*We were first sent off in groups to discuss and find out information about scarecrows.
*Once we found out a little about scarecrows we got together as a class and listed the possible designs of our scarecrow, some moving parts and the material we would want.
*Room 18 decided on making a queen scarecrow with two corgi's spinning around her head as moving parts but made out of corrugated iron so it can withstand rain and other weather.
*It also had a very good artistic outcome as well as a celebrity impersonation and design.
We won first place in Team B and won a delicious pav made by Mrs O...


  1. It's a very nice scarecrow, I really like it. Did you all like the pav that you won?

  2. wow cool scare crow how was the pavlova. mark miss O, 1 - 10? well done!
    from mitchell

  3. wow cool scarecrow how was the Pavlova, mark miss O, 1 - 10?
    from mitchell


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