Friday, 31 March 2017

More Art!

We love our ART in Totara 3. Here are some more examples of art that we have worked on during the term.
Soon we are going to start a piece of art that relates to our topic of ANZAC.


  1. Hello Room 18, my name is Sylvia from Waikowhai primary school, I really like all the amazing art. You really made me surprise , they are so colourful and creative , its just like it was drawn by the best artist in the world. I will really like to see more of these amazing creative pieces of art.Maybe next time you could name the pieces of art so we could tell who made what.Please feel free to come visit my blog @ Please feel free to comment on my amazing blog.

    From Sylvia;)

  2. Hello there guys, my name is Serene and I am a Student in Room 7 at Waikowhai Primary School. I really like the artwork you made. It made me feel very happy, especially the artwork ofthe person who was drawing, because it reminds me of my old school drawings. Next time I think you should put some talking into the video and write the names of the people who drew these. If you would like to see my learning, My Blog Is at Please feel free to comment.
    Blog Ya later!😆

    From, Serene. ;)

  3. Hello there guys, My name is Claire from Waikowhai primary school, I really enjoyed watching your AMAZING art, It was so creative that you guys got me hooked into doing this type of art.My favourite art piece was the ballerina.Maybe next time you could name them and tell us how you made it.If you would like to see my learning please visit my blog @ Please feel free to comment.

    From, Claire;)

  4. Namaste, my name is Vitaraag and I am a student in Pohatu class at Hay Park School. I really like how you told me the main idea and what you were working about. It made me think of when we did a task about a Anzac day. Have you thought about.putting more information about what you drew for Anzac day.

  5. Kia ora, my name is Andrew and I am a student in Pohatu class at Hay Park School. I really like your video and your art, they were so amazing and phenomenal . It made me think of my class making a video and we had to say stuff on the I pad. Have you thought about telling people about your amazing and phenomenal art?

  6. Ola, my name is Estelle and I am a student in Pohatu class at Hay Park School. I really like the story that you told me. It made me think of the story that my teacher reads to me and my favourite books . Have you thought about making a video of yourself talking about how you made the art?

  7. Hey there Totara 3, Miss Morgan here from Gilberthorpe School in Christchurch. I really loved seeing all of your art work. My favourites were the names and the shadow with the bubble at the end. Your room must be filled with colour! I wonder how you made it all? What types of materials did you use?

  8. Hello I am Nirvana from Gilberthorpe school in rata class
    I like the art maybe tell people how made it and how long it took. But is amazing for our blog.

  9. Ola
    I love your video
    I love how you made the video like its PERFECT!
    The Art is awesome too!
    From Keisha- At Gilberthorpe School

  10. Hi Kay-lee from Gilberthorpe and .....GOOD JOB!!!! and nise I like the bellarena one add More Color

  11. hi, my name is mikayla k from Gilberthorpe Primary School in Rata Class
    I love the art, it is so pretty, so colorful and so unquie.maybe next time you could tell people how you did the art, like step by step or something like that.Bye Bye.

  12. hello, It is Elijescha, at Gilberthorpe school.
    I loved the music,
    and I love the art it is extraordinary.
    maybe next time you can add animal art in "I love animals."
    bye bye, see you later!

  13. Hi Totara 3 Shikarn here from gilberthorpe school. I like your names to and your other art. I looks like your class love doing art. I find art fun to do to. All i would like to say thanks for sharing your art me and other people around the world.

  14. Hello, it is Kareem at Gilberthorpe school I like the art that you have done and the music. Maybe you should make the introduction longer.


  15. Hello it is Kirsty here
    I love the art that you did and the music
    anyway I should go bye bye bye

  16. Hi Totara 3, i'm Hunter and I go to Gilberthorpe School. I like this post because of all of the cool art that you have done. This reminds me of when we did space art. Some advice is to have a greeting. That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!

  17. Kia Ora Totara 3 I'm Elyse and I go to Te Kura O Waima, I am a lover of art and so when I came across your art video I was delighted and it just got better when I saw your work, My favourite name was Kaine's because of the style and colours but my favourite drawing of painting was the last one that showed in the slide show. I would recomend you do more work like this it is simply splendid.
    Yours Elyse Williams.

  18. Kia ora My name is Tatyana from Hay Park school.I love your arta nd the music because I strated dacing to the beat.Wonderful video And see you later.

  19. Kia Ora my name is Samara and I go to Waima school.I love art and colours and i think I looks beautiful.=3

  20. Kia Ora,
    It's Ayesha here from your school. Wow all the art looks awesome they all look great. The site that has made it set out the way it is makes it look awesome. This reminds me of calendar art. How long did it take your class to do all this art?
    From Ayesha

  21. Kia Ora. It's kaunteya from Gilberthorpe School. I like how you guys made another art video for us to watch and comment on. Maybe you guys could make more. Good luck. Bye

  22. Hi Its keisha From Gilberthorpe school!
    I love art as well.
    What's yours?
    Next time you should place talking in each art

  23. Hi my name is Lonise. I'm a year six and I'm a student from Hay Park School in Auckland.
    I love your art work. I bet it took you ages to do that.If I did that it would be
    Bye .Thank you for sharing your wonderful work .
    If you want to see my blog here's a link.
    Please leave a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment for me
    Enjoy your weekend


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