Thursday, 29 March 2018

What a surprise!

Look at what the Easter Bunny delivered to Totara 3 this morning... How lucky are we!
What a kind and thoughtful surprise this was this morning, such clever decorating.


  1. Cutee! You guys are really lucky, It looks Yummy!
    Keep it up!

  2. Hello, you guys are so lucky. I wish our school got delivered yummy treats from the Easter bunny.

  3. WOW! you guys are very lucky dose cupcakes look really nice. wish i could try one.

  4. nice man you are good at baking it look like you guys had a fun time. hope you guys have a good week.

  5. Wow! Nice Creative cupcakes I'm Malachi by the way from Saint Pius X catholic school keep the great work up

  6. How Amazing your cupcakes looks yum.I'm Obeley I am from St Pius X Catholic school.
    Keep Up The good Work!!!


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