Monday, 27 March 2017


We just started a new topic last week. We are now learning about the ANZAC's.
There are many different learning activities that we need to complete and we are working from a google site, check out the link below.

Later this week some of us are going to be making ANZAC biscuits as part of our topic... Yum!
Below are links to our slides, remember that these are a work in progress as we are not finishing our topic for another couple of weeks.


  1. Kia ora Totara 3,
    Your ANZAC site is looking amazing! Well done Miss Power. I have had a look at some of your links but look forward to coming back over the next few weeks and visiting them again. ANZAC is such a special time of year for us in New Zealand. I like going to the Dawn Parade and it always makes me feel very proud to be a New Zealander. Have any of you ever been to the Dawn Parade?

    1. Kia ora Tania

      Thank your comments, we are really enjoying studying ANZAC at the moment. There are 10 students in our class that regularly go to Dawn Parade.
      Totara 3

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  2. kia ora i would love to say that your guys site is so cool what a cool teacher by the way my name is alexis an i go to waima school

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  4. Hay!!I think you blog is amazing but you could inprove by adding more detail thank you bye from kirsty

  5. Hi there, My name is Fenix from gilberthorpe school!
    I enjoyed the part when the poppys are on top of the people's names.
    Did you think about making the table larger to store more names?
    To improve, you could make the font look nicer by changing it.

  6. Hi noah here from gilberthorpe school were this people in the war? if they did wow and i say thxs bye

  7. Your blog is so arty and COOL!!!


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