Thursday, 22 September 2016

Totara 2 Country Study Shared Lunch

Country Study
*Totara 2 were really excited to be working on a country study. There were lots of different countries chosen and many different reasons why people chose that place. We loved learning about new cultures and places around the world. Today we shared our learning with others in the class. Also as a fun way to end our topic we had a shared lunch with food from the countries that we were studying... It was YUM! Here are a couple of photos of the delicious treats that we sampled today.

Above is a picture of some truffles made of toblerone Recipe for Truffles (Switzerland) and a sweet dish from South Africa called Pineapple Cremora Pie Recipe

Above are some tasty chips called Nik Naks from South Africa.

Above is a very tasty dish from the Philippines called Egg Pie Egg Pie Recipe

Above some yummy Icelandic Kleinurs Recipe for Kleinurs

A famous Greek dip Tzatziki Recipe


  1. Kia Ora,Totara 2!
    This food look mouth watering. I wish I could try some. I would love to see some Irish snacks. Did they taste amazing? I can't wait to make them myself!
    From Rikki-Lee

  2. Kia Ora I'm Caitlyn K from Mamaku Hub. The food look's really good. They look YUM! to me. I've never tried them but they look very Delicious,What was it like to try the type of food. Did you enjoy them? What was it like to try those sort of food? What was your favorite type of food that you cooked up?
    From Caitlyn K.

  3. Kia ora Totara 2.
    This food looks mouth watering. I wish I could try some. I would love to see some Irish snacks. Did they taste amazing? I can't wait to make them myself! What was your favorite food? My one would be the truffles. From Kaleb S at Grey Main School.

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  4. Kia Ora Totara 2. It's Reagan from Mamaku 2. Miharo! (Amazing in Te Reo Maori!) Some of that food looks really yummy! From Reagan

  5. Kia ora I'm Kiana from Waikowhai Primary School.The food you brought looks really good I wish i could taste the truffles. Did it taste yummy?. I guess I might make the truffle at home .I LOVE LOVE TRUFFLES!!!. I have some cool stuff you might whant to see so can you
    please comment my blog at

    1. Hi Kiana. The truffles did taste delicious! Thanks for commenting on our class blog.
      From Ella, Totara 2 GMS

  6. Hi my name is Nethya from Waikowhai Primary School. It looks like you have had some fun trying new food from all around the world. I like how you have put the recipe for each food. It would be helpful if you could put more information about what you have learnt and why you wanted to learn about different country's food. You should come and check out my blog, here's the link. :) :)

    Bye. From Nethya.

  7. Hello Totara 2 my name is Bailey from Waikowhai Primary School.Some of this food look delicious i wish that i was there to eat all of the good food that you made.My absalute favourite was the truffles because that is my favourite desert.

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  8. Kia Ora Bailey Thanks for the comment it was very delicious and my favorite was the truffles too
    From Jessica

  9. Hi Kaleb, Thanks for your comment! The truffles were also my favourite to.
    From Ella, Totara 2 GMS :)

  10. Hey Reagan B
    Thanks for the comment the food was amazing what is your favorite food?

  11. Hello Reagan Thankyou for your post The food was very good. What was your favorite one?
    From Jessica GMS


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